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Research Services – General Enquiries

学术和研究副总裁负责UPEI的研究管理. Research Services consists of the Vice-President, 学术和研究部门,以及一组直接支持研究发展和管理研究经费的行政人员. The office is responsible for:

  • 促进基础研究和应用研究,并在整个校园内建设研究能力;
  • acting as a liaison with granting bodies, contractors of research services, and other sources of research funding;
  • 监督研究政策,包括机构的合规和诚信责任;
  • 为所有研究基金申请保持准确和最新的记录, contracts, grants, and ethics protocols; and, 向UPEI和外部机构提供这些活动的报告;
  • publicizing UPEI's research accomplishments;
  • acting as a faculty resource centre on research issues (e.g., workshops, funding opportunity promotion, contract and budget development, dealing with the media);
  • 培养UPEI和其他学术机构之间的研究联系, industrial, public and governmental sectors; and,
  • 支持和促进研究和学术知识及技术的转移.

General Enquiries Contact:

Jordan Minx, Research Services Liaison

Research Grants

研究补助金为个人或团体(或研究中心或研究所)在特定的学科领域或领域进行研究提供财政支持. Although the research area may be defined, there are usually no conditions about the research directions. 如果你正在申请外部资助,以下是基本步骤: 

  • Advise the Research Grants Coordinator of: 
    • your intention to submit a funding application; 
    • the name of the funder and program; and 
    • the deadline for submission.  
  • 可选的内部审查(清晰度,完整性,遵守机构要求等).), 在资助人截止日期前10个工作天内,向研究资助统筹人提交研究资助草案.  

Research Grants Contact:

Leslie Cudmore, Research Grants Coordinator

Contract Research Agreements

Research Services is responsible for the primary coordination, negotiation, and administration of contract research agreements for UPEI. 研究人员在就合约事宜作出口头承诺前,应寻求研究服务处的意见和协助. 研究服务处将与研究人员协商一份合同,以符合大学研究政策的方式满足研究要求. 研究服务处及早参与,有助简化审查及签署程序, and help to avoid delays.

Any agreement pertaining to research or involving a “6” account will need to be forwarded to and approved by Research Services.

More information on research contracts here.

Contract Research Contact: 

Maria Steele, Manager Research Services

Research Accounting

研究会计通过提供建议,在支持UPEI的研究环境方面发挥着不可或缺的作用, 财务责任和所有研究资金的持续管理. We work closely with researchers, administrative units, 资助机构和研究服务,以确保资助方针和政策得到遵守. 研究会计管理大学所有研究资助和合同的奖励后功能. This includes monitoring cash flows and expenditures, 与资助机构沟通,完成财务报告.

Research Accounting Contact:

Melissa MacLaren 

Animal Care

大学动物保护委员会一般负责确保在研究中使用动物, teaching, UPEI的服务符合加拿大动物保护委员会严格的道德标准.

Animal Care Contact:

Melissa Perry
ACC Administrative Assistant


竞博电竞官方网址致力于在UPEI的研究和教学活动中纳入管理与生物有害材料工作的所有人员的健康和安全做法,从而保护大学教师的安全, staff, and students, the public at large, animals and the environment. The Biosafety Committee reviews, amends and/or develops policies and procedures, 回顾与生物有害材料使用相关的研究和教学应用, 并与UPEI生物安全干事合作,确保实验室获得认证,并对遏制程序和设备进行监测.

Biosafety Contact:

Rhoda Speare, Biosafety Officer 

Radiation Safety

辐射安全主任负责确保大学使用放射性物质符合适用标准. 任何涉及放射性物质的工作都需要从大学辐射安全主任处获得放射性同位素许可证.

Radiation Safety Contact:

Debra MacDonald, Radiation Safety Officer 

Research Ethics Board

研究伦理委员会负责竞博电竞官方网址在研究中使用人类参与者的审批程序的管理. All research involving human participants conducted by faculty, 隶属于UPEI的工作人员或学生必须得到UPEI研究伦理委员会的批准. 研究伦理负责确保UPEI符合外部研究伦理准则和要求.

Research Ethics Contact:

Stephanie Palmer, Research Compliance Coordinator

Communications Officer

Research Services, working with UPEI's Marketing and Communications department, coordinates communications, government relations, 以及媒体关系的努力,积极定位UPEI的研究. 通信官员是UPEI对外媒体的外联联络员,并确保UPEI的研究故事在当地被听到, nationally and internationally. 

Communications Contact:

Anna MacDonald, Communications Officer

Purchasing (Procurement and Payment Services)

在补助金申请和职位授予阶段,获得所需货物和服务的完整和有竞争力的报价是非常重要的. This is to ensure the costing is accurate, the best value for money is realized, and funder requirements are met. 采购服务与研究人员和供应商社区合作,按照适当的流程满足这些要求,同时最大限度地减少研究人员的管理工作. 研究人员控制规格并做出最终决定. Purchasing provides assistance to reaching these decisions.

Purchasing Contact:

Carolyn Garro, Procurement and Payment Services 

Technology Transfer (OCII)

The Office of Commercialization, Industry, 和创新(OCII)直接与UPEI研究人员合作来识别, evaluate, protect, 并将研究成果的知识产权商业化.

Technology Transfer Contact: 

Marc Richard, Business Development Officer